Audit & Pentest

CypherSec offers targeted security examinations to verify the quality of your security processes, IT infrastructure and employees. This provides an optimal basis for the long-term improvement of your information security and helps to identify risks at an early stage and then evaluate and eliminate them.

Your benefits:

  • targeted examination and optimisation of your Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • effective identification of vulnerabilities through extensive penetration testing
  • continuous management of weak points by means of vulnerability assessments
  • verification of your employees’ awareness of security matters through social engineering audits
  • ISMS
    Penetration Testing
    Vulnerability Assessments

    Relevant Services

    Security Audit & Review

    With our security audit and review we cover conceptual (i.e. organisational, technical and personnel-related) security gaps and vulnerabilities in your company and suggest which measures for improvement must be taken.

    Penetration Test & Ethical Hacking

    In our technical security audits, we use targeted and systematic tests to investigate your IT infrastructure for weak points and faulty configurations.

    Vulnerability Scan

    Automated security examination of your IT systems for vulnerabilities and security gaps.

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