Cloud Security

As enterprises continue to seek scalability, flexibility and efficiency in their technology stack, cloud platforms become very attractive. For many organizations, the strategy for information technology is to adopt cloud-based services first and seek on premise implementation as an alternative if cloud options do not meet business needs. While in some cases a cloud service may be more secure than a similar service hosted internally, this is not an assumption that can be applied universally.

It is critical for information security professionals to understand cloud computing, the various models and associated risks. Additionally, information security professionals must develop strategies that empower the business’ consumption of critical cloud services while adopting the necessary security measures, balancing the risk versus reward of cloud computing.


Features Of Cloud Security

Cloud Strategy

It is critical to plan and develop a comprehensive cloud strategy that reaches across your people,processes and technology. We can help you manage the move to the cloud.

Identity & Access

To protect organizations,identity and access controls must be extended to the cloud. We help you plan, implement, manage and get secure access anywhere.

Third-Party Risk

Organizations shifting critical operations to the third parties need to balance risk and reward. We help you understand and manage your third-party risk.


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